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Awesome, totally awesome.

I can obviously see some influence from shows like Family Guy, with some flashbacks and random pop culture references (i.e. Snake, Badgers). This is already looking like a good series, and I like how each episode revolves around certain individuals of the apartment. Overall, nice humor, nice style, keep up the good work.

Happy Clock Day!

Great Flash! I love the idea for a spinoff of Robot Chicken, because that show is totally the shiznit. And Robot Rabbit is just the best way to parody that. So keep going with this, it looked really promising.

- BlueCherry Clock

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Thanks man! <3

Happy Clock Day Turd!

My good buddy Turd with yet another scrumptiolicious Flash for Clock Day! Wonderful! I must say, this is one of your most touching pieces and very emotive for the occasion. I give you all my 5s. Loved the choice of music, Journey and Josh Groban, good stuff. Anyways, keep us the good work and NEVER quit doing flash because you are amazing at it. Just like your voice is amazing...

- BlueCherry Clock

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Clockagotchi... to the extreme

Although this doesn't stay true to the original Tamagotchi, which was black and white and choppy all over, I still love it. In fact, it was probably better that you worked harder on it, unlike my laziness which produced my Clockagotchi flash 2 years ago. So kudos on this, you've come quite a ways from your first movie to an excellent game. Keep up the EXCELLENT work, and I hope we can do another collaboration before the summer ends.

- BlueCherryClock (i'm still alive)

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Oh yes. We have a VERY good idea for a Collab, me and Nightmare.
And thanks. It's things like this that make me feel like making more.

Perfectness! Tis be teh secks. 5 for j00.

That is exactly like the classic, only enhanced to be a lot more hilarious. Good job, you're pretty damn good at making games.

- BluecherryClock

Best Clock Day submission so far...

I give a big fat ten for your efforts. Both of you should be proud of making this masterpiece. A better title would have been Clock Combat, but hey, who am I to name it? Fight Club works well too. The concept is amazing, I've dreamed a clock would make this, and finally it's been done. A fighting game with various clocks. Greatness... I love the graphics and the sound, and the fact that each character has their own specific setting and music. It gives it the classic fighting game touch. The interactivity is excellent, but buggy. There are some moves that are kinda twitchy and bugged, and a lot needs to be fixed. The humor and violence was great work in this, I loved how you put in little hit phrases in there too. Overall, practically EVERYTHING was done perfectly. Except for the coding, the entire thing was damn good. And when I say good, I mean super good x 1000. This is a worthy Clock Day submission. I'm surprised it didnt make first! Great job Munglai and cableshaft, I can't wait for you guys to release the next version!

- BlueCherryClock

P.S. I wish I could be a character... it would be so cool! :D

I am BlueCherry Clock. Long live the Clock Crew! Newgrounds rules! UPCOMING PROJECTS: Clock Works Ep. 1 Clock Works Ep. 2 Koopa Kombat Pacman Escape Lvl. 1-4

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